A blessing to go to Wisma Mulia, to spend one full day with our brothers and sisters there. A happening, all that happened was unexpected. The men latihan was supposed to be in the late afternoon but we arrived in the morning without an established program, at least apparently. At the arrival after the warm welcoming from Emma and a cup of tea, or maybe coffee, I had wonderful time with my brothers Thomas and Rupert, sharing personal and doing latihan and testing. That created a deep feeling among us, that feeling that in subud means closeness and joy in being together.

After a delicious lunch with all the guest of Wisma Mulia, it was so nice to see them again after 3 years after our last visit in 2019, and after a bit of rest, we shared a relaxed time together at tea time. Around a table with David Meachan, and the two Robert, helpers in the group, David Barker told us the story of Wisma Mulia. Thje project started 50 years ago, 1973, and next year it will be the 50 anniversary. An enterprise, a project that shows what Bapak always said about developing activities that could be useful to the Subud community; Wisma Mulia is still there to show the reality of Bapak’s words and advice. David Barker is still there working, together with his wife Emma, with that strong and good energy that comes from an inner guide that he is following with determination and faith.

From his words I could feel so much Gratitude to God Almighty for being still there working for Wisma Mulia. I had the feeling of thanking him and Emma.

After that we could visit David Meachan apartment and see those marvelous paintings he is doing. It was a very touching experience. His paintings are beyond………

In the late afternoon we finally had the men latihan and a testing session. We all felt closer than before and that feeling of love among brothers was very deep.

Coming back to the hotel and sharing with Kamilia and Harina our daily experiences was also a blessing and we all felt Gratitude for having experienced such a day and having met our dear brothers and sister in Wisma Mulia.

During our visits, or after, we received sometimes,  from our brothers and sisters of a group, or a country nice email or whatsap that show joy or appreciation for going there and being together. IHs are just witnesses and we, as HIs, can only be Grateful to the Almighty for what we receive in being together with them and to get close to each others. All comes from God!

We like to thank All our brothers and sisters in Wisma Mulia for their attention, warm and love! May God bless them.