Zones & Countries

Zone 1 & 2

Australasia and Asia
4,033 members
84 groups
11 members countries
Zone Representative: Muchtar Rawlings

Zones 1 and  2 consist of  countries in Australasia and Asia and have approximately 4,033 members across New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, , Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

One special note is that Subud began here with the founder, Bapak Muhammad Sumohadiwidjojo was born in Indonesia in 1901. Today Indonesia has the largest membership in the world and the most extended history of Subud. It is the first country where Subud officially registered as an association in 1947.

Zone 9 Report – 2021

Membership Overview   There is a harmonious relationship between the countries in our Zone. The Zone Council is active and there is good communication between its members. In general, the

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