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The World Subud Association provides Subud archives for future generations, Subud emergency funds, translations and publications of Bapak’s and Ibu’s Talks, accessibility to the talks and organizational materials, and news regarding the world Subud community.

WSA Archives

The mission of the WSA Archives is to collect, manage and preserve for posterity in their purest form the work of Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo & Ibu Siti Rahayu Wiryohudoyo, and those records give evidence to the historical development of the Subud organization. One of the essential services is to care for the more than 1,300 original Talks of Bapak and about 180,000 documents that Bapak left.

The WSA Archives centers in Jakarta – Indonesia, and Canberra – Australia, hold original documents, audios, and videotapes. The WSA Archives bodies in the USA, Great Britain, and Japan hold backup materials and other related international collections. The respective archivists may have additional responsibilities, for example, assisting and educating national Subud organizations on archival procedures.

The Subud Archives Online Database provides Subud members with access to documents, videos, films, photographs, books, newsletters, interviews, and stories that tell the history and development of Subud. The is available for Subud members only. Request for access to this members-only site, please download, fill and submit the request form that is available in the Resources page.

Care Support

The purpose of the WSA Care Support Program (CSP) is to develop programs aimed at supporting Subud members in need.  Many Subud members live in developing countries and may live in poverty and with limited access to government-provided assistance for things like medical care, repair to homes damaged in a natural disaster, funding for elementary school or higher education, etc.  The CSP seeks to support such Subud members within the means of its limited funds and resources.

In 2020, WSA had to focus on the Subud Emergency Fund. The service for Subud Education Fund has been put on hold. The CSP operates as a service of WSA. The CSP team consists of a coordinator, the International Helpers, WSA Executive,  and reports to and is accountable to the World Subud Council.

How to apply the Subud Emergency Fund: 1. The Form Fill & complete the application form, which is available at the Resources page. 2. Local Evaluation Review your situation with your local helper to determine whether to proceed, possibly through testing. If testing is positive, ask one helper to complete the form and two helpers to sign. 3. National Review If national Subud Emergency Fund Representative is available  ask him/her to review the completed form and test. Otherwise ask a National Helper. If testing is positive, sign the form and send it, together with the documents detailed below, to Amanecer Urrutia Muñoz, the WSA CS Coordinator at [email protected] / [email protected] 4. Supporting Documents Please provide a) supporting documentation to accompany the application form, such as a note from a doctor and the cost of the operation and b) any other important information regarding the amount of funds requested and the rationale. For example, if several items are needed for medical treatment – pre and post-operative – then the quantity and cost of each item must be documented; the name of the item (e.g. specific medication); and the purpose or function of each item stated, (e.g. medication to relieve what particular symptom). 5. Follow Up The Subud Emergency Fund follow-up form will need to be completed by the applicants once the funds have been disbursed. The form is available on the Resources page of this website.

For further information please contact the WSA Care Support Coordinator, Amanecer Urrutia Muñoz, email at [email protected] / [email protected]

Subud Library

The Subud Library contains over 2,800 Talks (many previously unpublished) audio tapes, books and articles by Bapak, Ibu Rahayu, and others with translations in Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Access to the library is restricted to registered Subud members. If you have a registered user name and password, you can proceed to the library and enter your ‘username” and ‘password” (case sensitive, no quotes) in the security dialog.

The documents you are about to access are for Subud members and subject to copyright. Please do not modify, reproduce, copy, display, or distribute all or part of these documents in any form through any medium, including Facebook and any other social media, without the prior written consent of World Subud Association, Inc., the copyright owner. To request such consent, please contact [email protected]

Bapak and Ibu Rahayu have explained that their Talks were received and provided to suit the needs and capacity of the relevant audience. Bapak and Ibu Rahayu have also explained that their Talks and writing are guidance, advice, and clarification rather than rules.

If you are a Subud member who has not yet registered and would like to click here link to complete and submit a library security registration form. The Subud Library will set up an account for you and email you when your account has been activated (within 24 hours).

Translations and Publications

Translation Coordination

The national Subud committees have a task to translate Bapak’ and Ibu’ talks into their respective languages if their conditions allow. The WSA Translation coordinator is responsible for coordinating and supporting this work. As well as liaise with Subud Publications International (an independent entity) and the translation team who translates from Indonesian to English. Some of the translations that have been completed are in Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian, among others. English is the base language for all translations in further languages.


WSA Executive subcontracted the official translation and publication of Bapak’s Talks from Indonesian into English to Subud Publications International (SPI) in England. SPI ensures the translation process with professional editors and proof-readers. English is the basis for translation into all other languages.

Bapak’ Talks can be ordered from [email protected] or by visiting the website

Subud World News

For news and updates on the world wide Subud community, please go to