WSA Archives Canberra Facility – Progress report 18 April 2024

Re: WSA Archives Canberra Facility

1. After a period of negotiations with First Sheds in which WSA, WSAA and Subud Canberry worked harmoniously together, a contract with First Sheds was signed on 27th March 2023. Subud Canberra agreed to be the contracting party with First Sheds so that the GST could be reclaimed as the development proceeded. Frances Kuhna (Subud Canberra chair) was very supportive as we worked towards the finalisation of the contract.

2. The preparation of the development application (DA) to the ACT Planning Authority immediately began. Soil assessment was arranged and discussions between Suyono Sumohadiwidjojo (WSA Executive chair), Matthew Moir (WSA Archives Subcommittee chair), Frances Kuhna (Subud Canberra chair) and Nic Darmody of First Sheds began. Matthew Moir travelled to Canberra as part of this process. The DA was submitted on the 26th June 2023 and on the 6th December 2023 we were advised by our planning agent (Simple Site Plans) that they had received the S165 endorsement letter and DA stamped approved plans.

3. A delay was caused by the sign-off of the water Authority who reviewed whether a charge to Subud Canberra should be made. They decided just before Christmas that we were exempt.

4. We were advised that earth work would start on the 29th January 2024 and below is a photo of the turning of the first turf. Suyono asked for a site meeting to be arranged. So, on the 2nd February a site meeting took place between all the parties involved in the development: Nic Darmody & Jordan Flynn (First Sheds), Nigel Pearman (Canberra Containers), Elliott Wolf (Canberra Air & Heat – for the HVAC), Frances Kuhna (Subud Canberra), Maxwell Fraval (for WSAA) and Suyono and Matthew attending by phone. It became apparent in the meeting that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) would be better installed outside the shed and connected across the eastern passageway to the containers. It was also pointed out by Elliott Wolf that no provision in the plan had been made for the supply of water to the containers.

6. Amalijah Thompson (former WSA Archivist) kindly consented to assist the WSA in discussions leading to the finalisation of the internal design of the containers and orientation and operational detail of the HVAC. Elliott Wolf was very helpful making a number of positive suggestions in response to Amalijah’s input.

7. In late February, Suyono Sumodhadiwidjojo and Matthew Moir, along with International Helpers, Hussien Rawlings, Hermina Flynn, and Rohmana Friend, visited Canberra to review the coordination of the project, meet with the local group, and participate in archives-related kejiwaan activities and testing. The completion of the concrete footings and the construction of the retainer wall was completed during their visit, on the 25th February.

8. Concrete piers for the support of the concrete slab were positioned throughout the area that the slab would cover.

9. Next came the positioning of the electrical conduit and the drainage and water pipes was completed on the 12th March.

10. This was followed by a levelled layer of earth and stone. The 300mm concrete slab was laid on 23rd March.

11. The slab will cure over several weeks. During this time fabrication of the walls and roof will be completed. When the fit out of the three container repositories is finished they will be craned into position, around mid-May, and the assembly of the enclosing shed structure and fit out of the office workspace will commence.

12. While this is in process, the collections of WSA Archives Canberra will be moved out of storage into leased rooms nearby for sorting and preparation for their move into the new facility. The completion of construction is expected to be in mid-June.

Building Model by Frances Kuhna

Subud Canberra Chair

Project Finance