Zones & Countries

Zone 9

Souther America (south)
208 members
10 groups
4 members countries
Zone Representative: Sofia Mazzini

Zone 9 consists of Southern Latin America countries, has approximately 208 members across Argentine, Brazil, Chile & Peru. In addition to the four member countries in the zone, there are active Subud members in Uruguay and Paraguay.

The bonds of the Subud Family in the zone strengthened through a common language and Annual Meetings & Gatherings.

Zone 9 Report – 2021

Membership Overview   There is a harmonious relationship between the countries in our Zone. The Zone Council is active and there is good communication between its members. In general, the

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Zone 8 Report – 2021

Membership overview   The membership has been coping with the negative effects of the pandemic. Financial assistance was provided to affected members. Keeping communication alive with members has been challenging,

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