Subud in The World


As manifestation of the guidance received from the latihan, Subud members from around the world have initiated or work in social, cultural, enterprise and youth projects. To accommodate these initiatives wings organizations were established. When a ‘wing’ organization is incorporated as a legal entity distinct from, but linked to, the main Subud organization, WSA, it has the legal status of an affiliate. However, if it’s not incorporated as a legal entity, but linked to the WSA, the wing is a Subcommittee of the WSA Executive.

The Subud organization includes specialist affiliate organizations to support members working in the world in social and cultural activities, the Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA) for social and educational projects and the Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) for cultural projects. Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI) and Subud Youth International Activity (SYIA) are also classified as wings, and they are a Subcommittee of the WSA Executive.


SDIA is a non-governmental organization with its own legal registration and is an affiliate of the WSA. SDIA supports health projects, social and humanitarian activities of its members. The SDIA is a network of Susila Dharma national organizations and associate member projects from 27 countries. For more information, please go to


SICA is an association of national SICA bodies and is registered as a nonprofit corporation in the USA. SICA aims to encourage the expression of inner culture in the widest sense, to encourage inter-cultural activities using Subud houses for cultural activities. It also promotes the celebration of the arts in their established forms. For more information, please go


SESI exists as a network within the WSA to provide support to Subud business experts and to motivate and encourage them to come together to establish enterprises in support of the financial needs of the Subud organizations and its membership. In this way the organizations will not need to rely exclusively on donations from the membership to fund its needs but may develop a sustainable flow of funding from an agreed share of enterprise profits. For more information, please go to


SYAI is part of the WSA to facilitate communication between young Subud members. Through SYAI, the WSA provide support and encouragement in various youth development programs. The aims of SYAI as stipulated at Subud World Congress in Bali 2001 are to provide the environment and the support to encourage young and newly opened members to comfortably and fully participate in Subud; and to support and encourage young Subud members to take initiative to organize activities which welcome all people. Each zone has a youth representative. A coordinator will oversee and facilitate the work of the youth activities as a liaison to the WSA. For more information, please go to