Members In Zone 1 & 2 Are Active & Engaged, But It Is Aging With Fewer New Members

Membership overview


Zone 1 & 2 consists of 11 member countries, and there are also some individual members in Iran.

Australia and New Zealand have members who participate widely in all aspects of Subud, and both countries have properties in the main cities. The aging membership creates a lack of volunteers for some roles. In Japan, the ability of members to perform helper or committee work has decreased. Australia, Japan, and New Zealand consistently contribute significant funds to the WSA.

Indonesia’s youth are especially active and organize many activities. Malaysia’s members are centered around its Subud house. India’s great diversity makes unity a challenge. Sri Lankan members, with its pleasant Subud house, are very committed towards Subud. Singapore is financially committed to supporting the WSA, and Thailand is small and active. Vietnam would participate more widely if funds permitted. Bangladesh now has just two members.


Communication and activities


Zone Council meetings were held via Zoom in January, April, and November 2020. Communication was maintained via email and WhatsApp throughout the year.

The main activities in the Zone are national meetings, with some kejiwaan meetings, some of which have been held via Zoom this year. Latihan during lockdowns has been challenging. In-person National Congresses were held in Australia, Indonesia and India, prior to Covid-19 restrictions coming into effect. A gathering planned in Christchurch, New Zealand, was cancelled due to the pandemic.


Wing activities, enterprises and centerprises


Some projects exist in Indonesia, including Bina Cita Utama School in Kalimantan, and Yayasan Usaha Mulia, which is involved in community development. An Australian member runs Dharma Care, which works with Subud and non-Subud charities in Australia and overseas to support developing communities.

Since Covid-19 the rental income of Subud properties in Australia and New Zealand have decreased until lockdowns are eased. There is an annual enterprise donation to WSA from Sekolah Cita Buana, a successful school in Jakarta. Some members are active in their own enterprises and use funds to support Subud activities.