WSA Executive Committee Report – 2021



WSA kejiwaan sessions


With the pandemic continuing to restrict in-person meetings, we proposed three kejiwaan sessions via Zoom for the World Subud Council (WSC) – one for each Area – in January, May, and November. Chairpersons, directors, coordinators, and trustees of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF), Wings and Affiliates, WSA sub-committees, and the services attended. The two-day sessions included off-line latihan, listening together to YM Bapak’s Talk (chosen by the International Helper dewan), and sharing. At the second kejiwaan session in May, we were blessed with the presence of Ibu Siti Rahayu, who stayed for the whole of the first day session.

WSC periodical meetings


The WSC meetings were held in February, July and November on Zoom, with the international Subud organizations, WSA sub-committees and services. The sessions were broadcast live via YouTube for observers.

The first two sessions discussed the relationship between WSA and its Wings/Affiliates and the preparation of World Congress guidelines for council members and delegates. The meeting in November included a focus on MSF. The WSA board approved trustee candidates selected by the joint WSA- MSF committee and tested by the International Helper Dewan, and the 2022 MSF Budget.

WSA Board of Directors meetings


The WSA Board of Directors met with the WSA executive committee monthly, which was also attended by the International Helpers, who provide guidance when needed. Volunteer interpreters assisted with translations for Spanish and French/Portuguese.

Eleven board meetings were held in 2021. First to be discussed was the budget and WSA work programs for the coming 12 months. The board approved the annual budget and decided to place the WSA Endowment Fund with MSF. In June, the WSA statutory financial statements were audited and approved by the board, and the executive finished the WSA 2020 Annual Report. The WSA Treasurer prepared the budget for the upcoming year during the last quarter of the year, and the board approved the provisional 2022 budget before the end of the year.


Other activities included:


• The board decided to sell and offer the ex-Bank Susila Bakti land, based on due diligence and market evaluation. WSA & Yayasan Subud (Indonesia) made some improvements to increase the property value, which is currently available on the market.

• The White Book, a guide on Subud organization, provided regular reports. Activities included the development of an organigram, providing a bird’s eye view of the Subud organization and its community.

• The constitution and by-laws of WSA, Country Members, and Affiliates, including the relationship between WSA and its Affiliates, Wings, and other Subud organizations, was widely discussed.

• The WSA board supported the sale of the Gran Salon by MSF.

• SDIA housed the Subud Education Fund. WSA contributed to the seed fund.

• The Care Support Program was active in distributing Covid relief funds to members.

• The WSA executive committee met with the MSF executive team to form a working committee for updating the Letter of Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding between WSA and MSF.

• WSA opened the Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC investment account.

• The International Helper dewan provided recommendations on decision-making and reaching consensus in the Subud organization.

• The Tape Preservation Unit is an archives-related project. Improved coordination between WSA archives is hoped for.

• WSA agreed a general policy on WSA restricted funds.


Connectivity with members


The WSA team attended meetings organized by Zones 1 & 2, 3, 4, and 8. The World Congress preparation, WSA Finance, and WSA Archives were topics of interest. The WSA shared views on improving the Subud organization and shared experiences on the Subud India reconciliation effort.

Subud India


WSA assisted Subud India’s members in relation to the Subud House Trust, helping resolve disputes relating to assets, and to develop a national Subud organization based on the guidelines of YM Bapak Muhammad Subuh.

In developing the Subud India national entity, the WSA executive office organized weekly zoom meetings between June 13 and July 25 2021 with each of the seven Subud groups in India. A Tamil interpreter was provided.

WSA sub-committees


The WSA executive office held periodic meetings with the WSA sub- committees and services, including the World Congress Organizing Team. The White Book team invited Zone Representatives to comment on the draft, and the WSA Translation Services Coordinator explained the process of preparing translations of YM Bapak’s and Ibu Siti Rahayu’s Talks. Several meetings with Subud Youth were organized, focusing on websites and fundraising by the Youth.