Members In Zone 7 Have Been Connected As Best As They Could Throughout The Pandemic

Membership overview


In Zone 7 there is a desire to increase wings activities, especially enterprises, and to increase and improve engagement with the youth. Member countries express concerns around financial sustainability for Subud, and for Caribbean members. 

Generally, the membership is aging and there are fewer new members. There is also a lack of volunteers for Subud positions.


Communication and activities


The Zone Council meets quarterly via Zoom and regularly communicates through emails and a WhatsApp group, which is mainly how we keep in touch with the Caribbean’s National Committee.

Due to the pandemic, many countries held national and regional gatherings via Zoom, and some groups, such as Mexico City, led a weekly program of reading Bapak’s talks prior to latihan

In February, the Zone supported the International Helpers’ visit to the Caribbean. The Zone also sent annual financial assistance to the Caribbean, including for pensioners, which was greatly appreciated, especially in the context of the pandemic. 

All national dewans were grateful for the regular meetings and simultaneous latihans with International Helpers during 2020. We plan to host a Zone 7 Annual Meeting when it is safe to gather in person again.

Wing activities, enterprises, and centreprises


Susila Dharma (SD) is officially organized and functioning in Canada, the Caribbean, USA, and Mexico.

In 2020, SD USA sent USD 77,000 to 20 humanitarian projects in February. They also awarded two grants to Subud USA members helping in their local areas during the pandemic and contributed to SDIA’s Covid Emergency Relief Fund. SICA and SESI are engaging members in the USA and throughout the Zone via online events.

In Suriname and Mexico, it has been slightly more challenging to find members to act as wing representatives. 

There are 23 Subud-owned properties in the Zone. All Subud houses in Canada generate revenue and pre-pandemic, approximately 90% of the national budget came from hall rental income. The USA owns 15 Subud houses and generates revenue from several. Mexico owns two houses and generates revenue from one, and Suriname started renting out its two Subud houses in recent years.