A Feeling of Community Unites The Members of Zone 9

Membership overview


In addition to the four-member countries in the Zone, there are Subud members in Uruguay and Paraguay.

While many have received the opening, few stay in Subud. Some countries keep a formal register of members, while others keep only a notebook of openings or virtual cards.  

In the countries, the level of engagement of active members can vary. There is difficulty in paying fees and little availability to assume positions. This makes decision-making, and the administration of the Subud houses, challenging. The pandemic has exacerbated this situation, and committees and helpers are making efforts to maintain contact with their members virtually.  

The bonds of our Subud family across the Zone are strengthened through a common language and Annual Meetings.


Communication and activities


The Zone Council meets bi-monthly by Zoom. The Annual Zone Meeting this year was virtual. It left us with a nice feeling of togetherness in these difficult times. 

The countries communicate via Zoom, emails, and WhatsApp, and all countries have at least one simultaneous latihan a week. In-person National Congresses were missed this year as activities were suspended due to the pandemic. Simultaneous latihan, virtual meetings, and Bapak’s talks keep us active and united. 

The Americas Gathering was due to be held in Viña del Mar, Chile, September 2020. The Chilean organizing committee worked hard towards it, however, this also had to be suspended. 


Wing activities, enterprises and centreprises


There are several wings activities and projects throughout the Zone, although these have been limited this year by Covid-19. In Chile, the La Florida group supports the community by sharing its Subud house for activities. Members from all countries develop their own art, including dance, singing, storytelling, music, crafts, jewelry, theatre, and painting.

There are six Subud-owned houses in the Zone. Brazil and Peru rent rooms in their Subud houses via Airbnb. Argentina rents a bungalow in Mina Clavero.