Area 2 International Helpers Visits

February to July 2023

During this period members of the International Helpers Dewan have visited Subud groups in Norway (April 28t to May 2 ), Germany (May 26t to June 2n) Spain ( June 17- 28), Netherlands (July 14- 20), and Britain ( July 24 – 28)

Area 2 International Helpers ongoing program of visits has been further developed to include visits to

● Angola and Congo DRC (September 2023)

● Zone 3, Edinburgh ( September 2023)

● IH18 meeting in Porto  (October 2023)

● Malawi and South Africa (April 2024)

● Israel (May 2024).

Subud Britain  Congress –

Valentin, Howard and Alan attended the Subud Britain Congress held between 24th and 28th July at Stoke College, East Anglia. Harina, Kamilia and Mariam were unable to attend because of other, prior commitments. This was the first full congress held since before the Covid 19 pandemic and was a joyful and harmonious event with respect and love being apparent in all of the workshops and the plenary. Around 180 people took part with a strong youth presence from a range of Subud countries as far afield as Ecuador. We were made very welcome, participating freely in latihans, testing and workshops.  A big thank you to all concerned.