Zone 9 Report – 2021

Membership Overview


There is a harmonious relationship between the countries in our Zone. The Zone Council is active and there is good communication between its members. In general, the members across the Zone have been in Subud for a long time and are older. Almost all helpers also hold committee positions and are very committed. There are few young people in our Zone, most of whom are children of Subud members. Chile has the youngest membership, but in the rest of the countries there are only two or three young people, and there is little interaction between them.


Communication and activities


In 2021 the communication between Zone Council members was maintained through Zoom meetings every two months. We share international issues, the situation of the countries, and most importantly, we feel that we are close. The Council in turn shares information with the members in each country. We use e-mail as an official means of communication, and WhatsApp for coordination and informal communications.

In all countries, in-person latihan has resumed partially, with reduced capacity and with consideration for the health of the most vulnerable. Some virtual meetings are also being held.

The helpers have also resumed their regular meetings and we have had some openings. Argentina and Chile had local and national in-person meetings and people have been really happy to get the chance to see each other again.

Zone 9 usually holds an in-person meeting every year and all members are invited. It is a meeting that fills us with energy and enthusiasm. In 2020 and 2021 we could not do this due to the pandemic, but we hope and have strong faith in the possibility of meeting in 2022.


Wings activities, enterprises and centerprises


SICA is present at the member level as we have many artists guided by the latihan in the Zone. Suslia Dharma activities have been organized by Chile’s National Committee to support 19 members to restart their businesses after the pandemic and provide professional advice and support.

Each country in the Zone has at least one Subud house. SESI is involved in our Airbnb projects in Peru and Brazil, which allows us to self-sustain the Subud house and the needs of the group.