Zone 4 Report – 2021

Membership overview


Not surprisingly, the greatest challenge during 2021 was the COVID issue. In many groups only simultaneous distance latihans were held due to both official restrictions and the cautiousness of members and helpers. Other groups managed to find ways to meet for latihan and accommodate diverging the needs of members (masks and tests, vaccinated-only, etc).

Occasional conflicts arose between those giving highest priority to protecting the good name of Subud by complying with all official regulations, and those whose highest priority was to meet for latihan.

In many countries the committees and helpers organized periodic meetings on Zoom, including kejiwaan sessions, meetings after latihan, celebrations or simply meet-and-greet opportunities.

Some countries used the seasonal easing of restrictions for in-person meetings, whether for national congresses or kejiwaan.


Communication and activities


There were seven Zone 4 Council meetings held throughout the year, with information sharing and discussions about the activities of WSA and the wings, as well as sharing about the situation in the countries. The Zone 4 AGM was held on Zoom over two days in November.

During the first half of the year, the female Kejiwaan Councilors organized three Zoom kejiwaan events: a helpers ́ kejiwaan meeting and two kejiwaan afternoons, with latihan and testing offline and sharing in small groups, with translation to Russian, Hebrew, Serbian and German.

Around 150 sisters participated, and many expressed interest in further meetings. The Kejiwaan Councilors prepared the meetings with much care

and love, seeing that all translation needs were met and providing the opportunity to meet sisters from other countries.


Wings activities, enterprises and centerprises


Most of the six Subud-owned houses, and one rented premises, generate some income by renting out guest rooms, mostly to Subud members and families. Some rent out the premises to other groups (e.g. yoga groups). The income contributes to the running costs of the premises.

There are national Susila Dharma organizations active in Germany, Norway and Israel.

Monthly SICA meetings are frequently attended by representatives of Zone 4 countries. After a kejiwaan Zoom, a young artist from Subud Ukraine joined the SICA meetings. SIHA also offers a monthly latihan and sharing via Zoom.