Subud Connect

Subud Connect – April 2023

We are delighted to bring you the first issue of the new SUBUD connect magazine.

It aims to keep members connected worldwide, both with the activities of the organisation, and with news from the countries.

This issue includes:

  • 2023 WSC MEETING – the meeting outcomes and a daily diary complete with lots of photos
  • WORLD CONGRESS 2024 – News from the WCOT team, and the Wings, about the upcoming congress
  • INTERNATIONAL HELPERS – Read about the latest IH travels, and their plans for 2023
  • WSA UPDATES – A Q&A with the WSA Treasurer, calls for nominations for international roles, news from the Archives and the SYAI (Youth) coordinator
  • MSF – News from the MSF team, and the call for Subud House grant proposals
  • ZONING IN – News from the countries who are busy enterprising, centerprising and connecting with their members
  • WHAT’S ON – Upcoming events across the Subud world

This magazine has been designed for digital viewing on your laptop, PC or smart device, and includes linked documents, websites and videos. Printable versions are available for download below, but do also view the digital version to enjoy all the extra content

Subud Connect English

Subud Connect Indonesian

Subud Connect Spanish

Subud Connect French