Subud Youth Activities International (SYAI) Annual Updates 2020

SYAI have met several times throughout the year on Zoom, and a motivated and active group are revising SYAI’s vision, mission and goals to make these clearer to SYAI members and the wider Subud community.


Vision and goals


We are currently revising SYAI’s initial and implicit vision, mission and goals to make these clearer and more explicit to all members in SYAI and the Subud community in general. This is an organic activity initiated by a small group of youth who are highly motivated and active. This group is interested in working to create an international youth network, with intergenerational unity, for the development of all youth, inside and outside of Subud.




During 2020, we started the initial steps to create a new SYAI webpage, which we hope will be available soon. It is being designed with a private members section and another section for the public. 

Throughout last year and the beginning of this year, there have been several SYAI meetings via Zoom.  The kejiwaan meeting in March 2020 was very successful. 

Some workshops have been held for developing leadership skills, and we plan to continue with these activities. 

A survey is being created for Subud youth to better understand the needs of the younger and older members of Subud. 

We plan to start organizing virtual youth gatherings so that all young Subud members can connect, share, and have some fun.




During the Covid-19 pandemic, SYAI Zone Coordinators have struggled to find ways to continue working actively in their roles. However, we are slowly finding new ideas and ways to continue connecting and working together as a team. 

The unawareness of existing funding for activities delayed many of the ongoing projects. However, actions have been putting in place to maintain the dynamic participation of youth.




We have had informal conversations with the Wings and Zone Representatives. We will meet with them soon about the idea of supporting the youth organization and activities, as well as having SYAI representatives in the other Wings of Subud, for example in SICA, SDIA, etc.