International Helper Area 3 Report – 2021

Our dewan’s ability to travel in 2021 was severely reduced by pandemic-related restrictions. We met with all the national dewans in our Area at least once using Zoom.

The whole Area 3 dewan participated in an Archives meeting and kejiwaan session in Washington DC.

Four of our dewan attended the International Helper meeting in Porto in person – Illène, Halinah, Joan and Kohar. Benedict and Humphrey joined virtually.

Kohar visited the Teusaquillo and Norte Groups in Bogota, as well as groups in Amanecer and Armenia.

Overcoming Challenges

We closely supported national dewans and others throughout 2021, particularly in relation to COVID- related restrictions, which required different ways of doing things and presented new challenges. This included the following kejiwaan related activities:

  • Support to National Helpers in transitioning from in person to virtual latihan
  • Support to National Helpers with questions about Ibu’s advice
  • Support to National Helpers with harmony issues
  • Support to National Helpers with planning national congresses and preparing testing of candidates
  • Support to MSF with testing of new Trustees
  • Youth kejiwaan session
  • Awakening testing and support for wings
  • Participation in Area 3 latihan


Supporting the kejiwaan


The Area 3 dewan participated in kejiwaan sessions with MSF, WSA, SYIA, SDIA, and the Archives.

We organized a virtual kejiwaan session for all helpers and committee members in Zone 8.

We organized weekly Area latihans and coordinated several video streaming sessions of Bapak’s and Ibu Rahayu’s talks.