International Helper Area 2 Report – 2021

Due to the pandemic the first country we could visit in 2021 was Ukraine in September. Valentin and Kamilia travelled there and got the chance to visit three big groups in Kiev, Dnipro and Cherkassy. We were welcomed by all groups so warmly, and it was wonderful to be together with our brothers and sisters there, and to get to know each other.

We received very strong latihans and could do a lot of testing during these days due to the grace of Almighty God. In each group we talked, shared and were quiet, as brothers and sisters together. We are really grateful for this gift of Almighty God that we could be there.

In October, four from our Area 2 dewan attended the International Helpers’ meeting in Porto – Alan, Kamilia, Valentin, and Howard. Harina and Mariam joined us via Zoom.


Overcoming Challenges

Zoom meetings, accompanied by remote latihan and testing where appropriate, played a key role in 2021, and have enabled us join with more isolated members than in-person visits would have.

Within our Area we have held such meetings with the Zone Representatives, and with members in Lebanon, Hungary, Greece, and we met with members in South Africa, Malawi, Angola, DRC, Benin and Algeria together.

We have had phone or email contact with individuals representing most of the 24+ countries (whether WSA members or not) in our Area. Despite repeated efforts, we were unsuccessful with Nigeria.


Supporting the kejiwaan


Individually or together, we have attended Zoom meetings of the councils of Zones 3 and 4. The liaisons for SIHA, SESI, SICA and the Archives Sub-Committee have regularly attended their Zoom meetings and, when requested we have remotely conducted testing for Care Support and SEA.

As members of the full International Helper dewan, we have participated in many Zoom meetings individually or together, accompanied with remote latihan and testing. This has included with Wings Chairs, SYAI members, the WSC Board of Directors, MSF Trustees and Archivists. We have also met together on Zoom as a full dewan, and the women and men separately.