Hybrid SDIA AGM – Last Day

July 20 was the 32nd birthday of Amanecer. We celebrated in the Wuindio salon where first stone was laid with date on it. Our last SDIA report was from the Fundación Trópico project that is on the rural area near Cali and works with local farmers to protect sensitive bio regions. The Human Force csmp had a cooking lesson with Michelle Friede of Fuegos and we all enjoyed a sweet tree. The birthday party featured local youth in a folk dance group who got us all up dancing. It was great fun, full of joy and gratitude. Latihans are daily at 9 though we slso have one in late afternoon with the youth who are opened and in the camp. One of the new Colombian National helpers has arrived from Medellin So we are supporting theseyouth Latihans together. Her name is Sol. Anisa Andrade is recovering well from the Covid case we shared. I am totally fine! It’s a total gift to be here!

by Illene Pevec – IH3