Council News

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 16 October

This time the monthly WSA board meeting in October by Zoom was attended by 16 members. The International Helpers did not join the meeting, as they were having a Dewan meeting in Porto.

The first item on the agenda was approval of the minutes of 18 September WSA BOD Meeting, followed by discussion and agreeing on the resolution on policy in the treatment of restricted funds in relation to the WSA budget. The highlight of the meeting was the announcement by the International Helpers Dewan of the result of testing the MSF trustee candidates selected by the WSA board. Half- way through the meeting the IH Dewan who were gathering in person in Porto joined the WSA Board meeting. Suryadi, on behalf of the IH Dewan announced the names of candidates recommended by the I based on their testing. After the announcement, the IH left the meeting, and the board continued with the agenda. A board resolution was passed on the appointment of the recommended MSF trustee candidates.  The board members have agreed, in a subsequent separate meeting, review the process and the criteria for selecting applicants for the MSF trustees position. The proposed MSF Budget for 2022 was also discussed, the board asked for detail of the proposed budget and past years of actual expenses vs budgeted. Nahum updated the board on the result of his meeting with SDIA in connection with the relationship between WSA and SDIA.  The meeting was adjourned after more than 5 hours.

WSA Executive meeting with Translations Services Coordinator (periodic) – 1 October

Updates from Elisa Sanchez on the process and procedures on the work from translating to making the translated Talks available to members.

Also discussed was how the work is coordinated between the archives, the translators (of various languages), SPI, and Subud library. The translations services is also conducting periodical workshop for the units involved in the translations of Talk.


White Book Team Meeting – 25 September

Monthly White Book team meeting was attended by Zone 1&2 Rep (Muchtar Rawlings), as invitee. Muchtar was invited to give his comments on the current draft.

His main comments were about the definition of National Council and National Committee. The team also agreed to insert a paragraph on consensus decision making in Subud Organization and compliment it with an excerpt from Y.M. Bapak’s Talk 64 MLG 1.

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 18 September

The monthly WSA board meeting in September by Zoom was attended by Representatives of the Zones, International Helpers, the WSA team, and translators for Spanish and French. In total the monthly zoom meeting was attended by 23 participants.

The meeting discussed in length the travel for the IH Dewan to meet in Portugal this October. In particular, discussed were the risk of the travel and the possible cost. The board decided on a general policy treatment of Board Restricted Funds and Donor Restricted Funds to be approved by a board resolution. With the end of the fiscal year coming to an end, and with every budgetary planning, the board talked about preparatory matter for MSF grant to WSA allocated for Archives and IH Travel. The Treasurer, Hannah Baerveldt updated on the WSA new account with Fidelity. At the end of the meeting, the board observed and reviewed the list of MSF trustee candidates. The meeting was adjourned after almost four hours.

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 14 August

The monthly WSA board meeting in August by Zoom was attended by seven Zones Representatives, ten International Helpers, the WSA team, and translators for Spanish and French. In total the monthly zoom meeting was attended by 26 participants.

The International Helpers conveyed the outcome of the International Helpers Dewan meeting on how consensus should be reached. Main topic of discussion and action plan was the care Support Program; on its budget treatment and arrangement with other Subud organization. Also discussed was the Tape Preservation Unit (TPU) and topics relating to MSF matters.

Zone8 Meeting – 7 & 8 August

Zone 8 organized a two-day virtual “meeting” with programs from 17:00 to approximately 23:00. There was participation of 286 members.

The first day was opened with the video of YM Bapak’s Talk (70OSL3), with Helen Muñoz’s keynote address, and musical welcome from SICA Latin America. Helen read the letter received from Ibu

Siti Rahayu and then another video was screened of YM Bapak’s Talk (63 CLO4) given in Cali Colombia,subtitledinSpanishfortheoccasion. WSAChair,NahumandDeputyChair,Rosario shared their experience as WSA officers, followed by questions and answers from the participants. After the break, and conversation with Area 3 International Helpers and Zone Council Helpers, there was latihan and general testing, where ladies and gentlemen were divided into separate meeting rooms. The evening of the first day was filled with cultural activities and solidarity campaign by Susila Dharma and Zone 8 Treasurer (Arsad Medina), and closed with MSF talk by Mauricio Castillo and Amanda Rivera and sharing session. At the start of the second day, we heard the 59PAR3 Talk by YM Bapak, followed by kejiwaan sessions (latihan, testing and discussions with the helpers). The second day focused on archives with a presentation by the WSA Archives Subcommittee (Suyono Sumohadiwidjojo and Matthew Moir) and Zone 8 Archives (Sharif Mark). The youth team and the business promotion team talked about their activities and after the evaluation and discussion in the evening, the virtual meeting closed with activities of SICA Latin America.

WSC Quarterly Meeting – 24 and 25 July

The second WSC quarterly meeting was conducted in two consecutive days, with each day lasting for almost 3 hours. The meeting was streamed live on YouTube.

Day 1: Day 2:
Updates from council members were already made available on shared folder in Google drive collected prior to the meeting, to allow more interactive discussion during the meeting. Day 1 of the meeting was dedicated for updates from each council members, with questions from the participants. On day 2, the members continued with the updates followed by discussion on congress proposals. The executive office is tasked to prepare from previous available documents the steps and procedure for submission of congress proposal and share with the council members, and to be finalized as guidelines council members and delegates.

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 10 July

The monthly WSA board meeting in July by Zoom was attended by representatives from eight Zones, nine members from the International Helpers Dewan, the WSA team, and translators for Spanish and French.

In total the monthly zoom meeting was attended by 23 participants. The members of board and International Helpers discussed how Kejiwaan matters should be

disseminated to members, and the concept of decision making according to YM Bapak M. Subuh’s guidance, how it is implemented at all the organization levels. Topics of discussion were preparation of proposals by member countries for submission to Congress, fundraising for WSA and the WSA Endowment Fund.

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 12 June

The monthly WSA board meeting in June by Zoom was attended by seven representatives from eight Zones, ten International Helpers covering the three Areas, the WSA team, and translators for Spanish and French.

In total the monthly zoom meeting was attended by 24 participants. The board discussed and made decision on two matters: The opening of WSA brokerage account with Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, and the approval of the WSA 2020 financial Statements for purposes of auditing. The Zone Representatives, each updated on the current conditions and activities in their respective countries. The Executive Committee has been preparing the WSA 2020 Annual Report, and renewal of the SUBUD trademark registered in the US. The next WSC periodic meeting initially scheduled for the 27th June, will be rescheduled for 24th and 25th July 2021.