Council News

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 7 May

During the board meeting the following topics were discussed: –

Planning for the upcoming WSC meeting on the place and the dates. The International Helpers shared the testing result and the Dewan unanimously recommend Kalimantan for the next WC meeting. After discussion on practicality of places and the benefits of having the WSC meeting in Kalimantan, the meeting participants were asked to share again how they felt where the right place is, and if they would agree to follow the majority. The majority of the participants feel that Kalimantan is the right place, and the rest feel that they can follow the majority. It was decided that the place of the meeting will be Kalimantan. As regard the dates, the executive chair will issue another questionnaire, for council members and the WSA Team, with a choice to choose more than one date as preference.

Guidelines for World Congress; Participants with World Congress experience were asked to make comments and give input on the draft guidelines prepared by the executive office. The meeting agreed to set up a small working party to work on the guidelines. WSA will prepare a recommendation for proposal to be submitted to the member countries. WSA recommendation to the Zones for proposal by member countries to be finalized by end of September.
Also discussed were working agreement between SDIA and WSA, and update from Executive Chair Suyono of his visit to Palangka Raya in April, during Ramadan.

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 9 April

The 9th April BOD Meeting was attended by 24 members (WSA officers, IH and ZRs).

The WSA 2022 budget was approved after the meeting reviewed the incoming pledges and contribution to cover the projected 2022 expenses. The board agreed to use the reserve to cover for the income shortfall. The board agrees to schedule meetings with board members of wings and affiliates. Also discussed was follow-up meeting with SDIA after receiving SDIA’s comment on the draft agreement between the two organizations. Executive to follow up with the translations of WSA’s and the affiliates incorporation documents into Spanish and French for preparing proposed amendments to the articles of associations and bylaws of the organizations. WSA executive chair, Suyono reported to the board on his visit to Canberra relating to the WSA Archives projects. Suitable dates for the next in-person WSC meeting were discussed, and the executive planned to send out a survey to council members on the venues & dates of the meeting.

WSA White Book Team Meeting – 26 March

After the last meeting in February, Paloma provided the team with excerpts from Bapak’s Talk relating to organization.

The team was to comments on the suitability of the excerpts for the chapters in White Book and discuss comments on the excerpts during the meeting. Paloma will consult with Sharif Horthy and Raymond Lee on the translations of the excerpts from podium translated Talks. The IH will be invited to White Book meetings and consulted on the use of the excerpt in the White Book. The WB meeting lasted for 2,5 hours, and will be resume in May, after Ramadhan.

WSC Quarterly Meeting – 12/13 March

The first quarterly WSC meeting in 2022 was attended by 39 participants (International Helpers, WSA Team, and members of the Council) by Zoom.

Observers were invited to view the meeting which was broadcasted live on YouTube at the following link
The meeting started with a quiet moment lead by Hussein Rawlings, IH Area 1. The first agenda of the meeting was to approve the minutes of the last WSC Quarterly Meeting on the 6/7 November 2021, followed by updates from the council members. Members of the council have submitted written reports on the shared google drive. For copies of the report please contact [email protected]. First, the International Helpers updated the meeting with their activities during the last four months. Worth noting is the plan of IH Area 3 to visit isolated members in non-WSA member countries such as Panama, and Costa Rica. Nahum stressed the need to support members who find it difficult to do latihan, and for group helpers to approach these members. Some countries that may require more attention from the IH.
Reports submitted by the council members for the meeting are available on demand. Please email [email protected] for a copy.

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 5 March

The March BOD Meeting was attended by seven Zone Representatives, ten International Helpers and the Executive team. Zone 6 Representative was not present.

Spanish interpreter, Fatimah Bustillo assisted in translating to Spanish during the meeting. Minutes of the last meeting in February will be approved by email, as there were minor corrections. The first agenda was updates from each Zone Representative on the condition and situation in their respective Zone, and a report from the Executive Chair. On the budget, pledges from member countries and reserves funds were discussed. Country pledges should be received before the next BOD meeting on 9 April, so the WSA 2022 budget can be finalized. Currently the Executive Committees (EC) is operating under the approved provisional WSA 2022 budget, allowing the EC to make some payments as and when due, until the WSA 2022 Budget is finalized. Also discussed was the World Congress. The board also planned “meet & greet” meeting with the SDIA Board to meet the new members of the SDIA board. Zone 4 Representative and the Executive Chair gave a brief update on coordination with other Subud organizations and individual members in channeling contribution collected for relief of the war in Ukraine.

WSC Kejiwaan Session – 12 & 13 February

The International Helpers from Area 1 prepared the program and the Executive Office arranged for the first Kejiwaan Session in 2022.

On Day 1 of the session after Hussein Rawlings from Area 1 IH welcomed the participants and explained the setup of the session, a video of Bapak’s Talk was screened, in three different languages (English, Spanish, and French) in three different rooms. Participants can choose the rooms with the language of their choice. The talk was 86 LON 2. After the Talk, the session was closed and individual latihan was suggested. On the second day, test questions were distributed for testing after off-screen latihan. Thereafter participants were placed 6 break-out rooms (3 ladies, 3 men), for sharing and self-reflection. About 30 participants were present, and with the 6 breakout rooms the gathering was intimate and each had a chance to share and talk.

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 5 February

The first monthly BOD Meeting of 2022 was attended by all the Zone Representatives, except for Zone 6 Representative.

Two of the last meetings’ minutes will be approved by email, as there were minor corrections. The country pledges for the 2022 WSA budget was discussed. The board aimed to approve the final 2022 budget by the next BOD meeting in March, while waiting for response from the member countries on their pledges. WSA’s policy on using reserve funds for projects fund may be observe for Archives projects. On grants to Zones, the board agreed to disburse money to Zone 6 for internet connection. The new WSA website is planned to go online for public by end of the month, after alteration based on the input received from the last WSC meeting. The board requests for periodic meetings with the board of affiliates and wings, at least once a year. Update on the current status of the exBSB land will be sent to the board.

WSA Board of Directors Meeting – 18 December

The WSA board meeting on 18 December focused on the 2022 WSA budget which included the budget propose by the Sub-Committee WSA Archives.

Other agenda items; the draft SDIA Charter and Subud Symbol was to be discussed and agreed by email correspondence. Matthew Moir, Chair of the WSAA Sub- Committee presented the proposal on the creation of a WSA living archive and WSAA budget for next year. Another line item from the budget proposal that was discussed was the budget for SYAI, and SPI. The draft SDIA Charter will be sent to SDIA, and a meeting proposed in January 2022. On the Subud Symbol, the executive office will review the proposals from various parties and provide a recommendation to the board.

Zone 1 & 2 Annual Meeting – 4 December

Muchtar Rawlings, Zone 1 & 2 Representative organized the meeting on Zoom which was attended by more than 45 delegates from Zone 1 & 2 country members, and observers.

The first agenda item was to approve last year’s minutes of Zone 1 & 2 meeting, followed by report of country contributions and other finance matters. Mauricio Castillo, MSF Chair was present to report on MSF’s activities in 2021. He also introduced Markus Fraval, one of the newly appointed MSF Trustees who resides in Australia. Member countries presented their report; There were no delegates from Vietnam and Singapore. Most observers were from Subud India. Suyono, Executive Chair shared the process of supporting Subud India in drafting a democratic constitution and bylaws, and the activities of the WSA Executive Office during 2021. Nahum Harlap, WSA Chair, shared his main focus on how to improve the Subud organization.

WSA Executive meeting with Subud Youth Coordinator – 24 October

The topic of the meeting was fundraising for the Youth.

The meeting discussed on how the Youth can fundraise and the coordination with other wings in the fundraising.