Council News

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 16 July

At every board meeting the members approve the minutes of the last board meeting.

The other agenda at this meeting was approval of amendments to the MSF 2022 budget by the WSA board of director for the process of the Gran Salon sale. For this agenda, some of the members of the MSF board were present to explain the amendment in MSF 2022 budget. Updates from the working party on the MOU between WSA and SDIA was reported and follow-up action was discussed. The International Helpers Dewan reported and updated the board on their meeting in Porto (14th to 26th June); on the IH’s guidance for the next World Congress, and other activities of the IH which included zoom calls with helpers from around the world sand visit to Bucelas group. The Executive chair reported on the preparation for the 2023 World Subud Council meeting in Kalimantan, to be held on 6th to 14th February 2023. Also reported was the visit (7th- 10th July) of the Executive Chair to the Subud USA Archives Amani center in Washington DC, with the Chair of the WSA Archives Subcommittee, Matthew Moir.

WSA Working Party Meetings – Delegates Guidelines – 3 & 6 July

The team members of the working party are working on the guidelines for delegates to the next World Congress.

Team members consist of International Helpers, Zone Representatives, and WSA executive officers.

WSA – WCOT – Survey Invitation

Share your thoughts on the upcoming 16th Subud World Congress in Kalimantan 2024.

The WSA Executive Committee and the World Congress Organizing Team (WCOT) would like to invite individual Subud members from around the globe to participate in this short survey about world congress attendance.

WSA Working Party Meeting – 12 June

The working party met to discuss comments and proposed revision to the draft MOU prepared by SDIA.

The revised draft MOU was prepared and shared with other members of the board by Google Drive. After consultation with the IH on WSA comments and revision, it will be proposed to SDIA. WSA scheduled to meet with IH on 3rd July.

WSA Monthly BOD Meeting – 11 June

The following topics were discussed during the meeting: –

The board agree to re-format the style of the formal WSA minutes of board meeting and for approved minutes to be placed in a shared Google Drive folder. Statutory Accounts of 2021 was discussed and the board agreed to approve after receiving final draft from the WSA accountant. Audited Accounts for 2021 to be presented to the Zone Representatives by 30 June. The board of directors have agreed to conduct the WSC Meeting in Kalimantan from the 5th to the 14th of February 2024. WSA working party on SDIA MOU will invite IH for consultation on the draft MOU. SICA is ready to discuss a draft Charter with WSA.

WSA Meeting with SICA Board – 4 June

As part of the WSA communication efforts with the WSA Affiliates, the board met with the SICA board.

Matters discussed, after introducing members of each board, were the visibility of SICA to the world, space to discover talents in Subud, and technical support for SICA.
SICA will also work with WSA on an MOU.

WSA Working Party – on Organization – 29 May

WSA in harmonizing its relationship with the Affiliates and Wings is working on enhancing mutual understanding between international Subud organizations.

The working party, which members include International Helpers, Zone Representatives and the WSA Executive Chair is discussing a draft memorandum of understanding proposed by SDIA.

WSA & SESI “meet & greet” – 22 May

As part of maintaining communication and relationship with its affiliates and wings, WSA has started to arrange for the WSA board members to meet board members from affiliates and wings.

In March 2022, the WSA met with the board of SDIA. In May, a meeting took place with the Chair and Co-Chair of SESI, Hammond Peek and Gaye Thavisin. The meeting was productive, catching up on the wings’ activities and discussing ways to reach out to members including ideas for the coming World Congress in Kalimantan. It was agreed to share the ideas discussed for the World Congress with the WCOT team, and to develop a charter between the two organizations.

White Book Team Meeting – 14 May

The team met again for its monthly meeting after a break in April. Discussed at the meeting:
  • Inviting the IH Dewan to look at the draft White Book; Paloma to try to meet the IH in Porto in June/ Assisi in October.
  • To properly sequencing of each section (ZR, IH, etc.); layout, design, and printing/publishing of the White Book by July 2023.
  • To allow for revision/adjustment to the White Book as annexes to the initial edition,
  • Executive Chair, Suyono, to write an introduction for the White Book.

WCOT Full Team Meeting – 8 May

The full team has started to regroup again, and each division updated what they had developed during the pandemic period.

The WSA Website has been build, and now need to have the content for communication to the members. The Registration system is being worked on and getting feedback, content is need to be put in, payment accounts need to be decided. The executive is working on guidelines to prepare the delegates before the congress. The executive chair has visited Palangka Raya and Rungan Sari, and reported his meetings there with the local groups, local community, and regional government of the city of Palangka Raya. The communication team are working to broad cast information on Kalimantan and the 2024 World Congress,